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The Mullins business started out as a family run company on the North corner of Mount olive Il. As a scrap yard in 1987. In 1992 Brent Mullins decided he had a passion for the recycled parts business. So along with the support of the family spun off the scrapping business and started a recycling yard just 1 mile south of the scrap yard. In 1995 Chad Mullins began an engine rebuilding business that was housed in the back building of the auto parts yard. Since that time we have acquired several pieces of property around our business and moved the engine shop about quarter mile down the road from the parts yard.

Here you can find all the type of auto parts new and used, for any type of cars. Also find classic and collectible auto parts for sale like antique gas pumps and many accessories. Check for our auction events with special guests that work with us where you can find vintage cars from different times and brands, and every regarding collectibles you desire.

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