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Standard Warranty

6 month parts only. Mullins Auto Parts will either replace the defective part or refund the full price of the part. This will be Mullins Auto Parts discretion.

Premium Warranty

6 month parts and labor. The labor will be figured at $50.00 an hour. If Mullins Auto Parts and customer can’t agree on labor then the repair will be made at Mullins Auto Parts. Mullins Auto Parts will figure labor by using the Alldata system. This is base labor no add on.

Platinum Warranty

12 month parts and labor. All rules from premium warranty apply.We do not cover any types of leaks under any of the warranties listed. This includes oil pans, intake manifolds, timing covers, valve covers, or front and rear seal. If it is determined that the engine has a blown head gasket then that would be covered in warranty.
At anytime if Mullins Auto Parts feels that the install of the part, overheating, or the part was used outside its mechanical limits the warranty can be considered void by Mullins Auto Parts. At all times we expect our customers to use new fluids, filters, and seals on the install of our parts.

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