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The Mullins family began in the recycling business back in 1987 as a small recycling center located in the north corner of Mount Olive, IL. At that time we mainly purchased scrap by the weight across our scales. We had a crushing crew that traveled to various yards in the Midwest and crushed and hauled their vehicles for them them to the local shredders. In 1992 Brent Mullins decided after working on the crushing crew and seeing some of the parts yards in the Midwest that he would like to open a parts yard. It was very humble beginnings with a small building and just a few cars that had come down the road from the scrapping operation and we were open for business.

Over the past 20 years there has been many changes to the operation. We have expanded, added on several times and bought adjoining properties 3 times to expand. Since 2001 we have had a store front in Springfield that has been very successful and sells high performance aftermarket parts at this location as well. In 2010 we acquired the Craig auto operations in Missouri that we continue to run. We still keep growing from year to year despite the economic times and the condition of our industry. We take great strides in keeping up with running our business as a green operation and take pride in the condition of our buildings and holding lots.

Today Mullins Auto Parts services shops from Jefferson city, MO. to Terre Haute, IN and Bloomington, IL to Paducah, KY. We have several delivery trucks that run on a daily basis along with LTL ,UPS and FedEx services to get our parts to our customers as soon as possible. We strive to go beyond our customers’ expectations when it comes to delivery and quality.

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